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Diwali Cultural Celebration 2016

29th October, 2016

Join us to celebrate Festival of Lights !!! Bring your friends and family along.

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Independence Day

15th August, 2016

Past Events

Don Quixote

1st October, 2015

Independence Day Celebrations - 2015

Holi - 2015

Celebrating the festival of colors!

Diwali Night

Dance, music and more; here's how we celebrated Diwali!


An audience of 300 was left enthralled by the spectacle of Chakra - A Myriad of the Seasons presented by the Indian dance group, the Ghantasala. Read More

The Ghantasala with ISA members and volunteers after a riveting show

Airport Pickups

Coming to UNM and need assistance? We provide airport pickups, temporary homestay and help new students find accommodation.


Know about upcoming ISA events and check out pictures and stories from earlier.

ISA Committee

Get to know the ISA board members.