The India Students Organization is the official chartered, student organization for the students of Indian origin and those with interest in India or Bharath (as India is named indigenously) within the University of New Mexico. This organization aims to bring to the forefront the rich cultural, social, and intellectual ontributions of the Indian subcontinent, to the contemporary world as well as to world heritage. This organization also provides social, political, and emotional support to students of Indian origin in their undergraduate and graduate studies in the University of New Mexico.

ISA formally became a chapter at UNM in the year 1990 and is the oldest and largest organization for students of Indian origin. Currently, there are 347 members. Most of the members are from India, many others are students of Indian origin from United States, Fiji, the Caribbean, African nations, and Britain. We also have students from other countries who are interested in all things Indian like Philippines, Germany, and Morocco.
  We provide initial support to incoming students of Indian origin in terms of airport pick-up, initial accommodation, and help new students to become familiar with the University campus, city as well as community resources.

We provide forums of discussion for students of Indian origin, promote their interests and welfare, and represent Indian community in state-wide events. We do occasionally organize events to provide social and economic support and raise awareness about disaster-relief or social welfare projects in India.

We are committed to popularizing various indigenous art forms, festivals, and sports and organize several events which celebrate our rich cultural heritage and traditions. In this context, we have some members from the wider Albuquerque community who have an interest in all things pertaining to India. If you would like to become an ISA member and receive mails about ISA activities and other matters of mutual interest, email us at Residence addresses with phone numbers would be very helpful.

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